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What do you and your friends know about deafness?

Make new friends, play some great games and create your own avatar.Check out what’s going on for you across the country. Meet deaf young people who’ve done some amazing things.    

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Deaf Staff Member in the White House

28 year old Leah is a receptionist in the West Wing

Cool Topics

“I believe in an accessible world”

Molly’s interest in technology leads her into an interesting career path.

Cool Topics

I love being a Young Campaigner!

YAB member Holly has been in the presence of the Queen because of her campa

Cool Topics

How good is the support you get?

Your local services are being inspected. Here's how you can have your say!


Deaf Action Youth Service

Youth service for young deaf people to join fun sports and leisure activiti


Junior Youth Club for Deaf Young People

Fun Indoor and Outdoor Summer Events In Belfast!

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