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What do you and your friends know about deafness?

Make new friends, play some great games and create your own avatar.Check out what’s going on for you across the country. Meet deaf young people who’ve done some amazing things.    

Cool Topics

Meet deaf street dancer Billy!

All round cool dude Billy Read tells us about being a dancer!

Cool Topics

Could this be the most deaf friendly county?

Could Gloucestershire be the most deaf friendly county in Britain?

Cool Topics

Meet deaf amazing musician Ruth!

Ruth is a stellar deaf flute player. She tells us a bit about herself.

Cool Topics

YouTube star starts subtitling campaign

Hear Me Out is all about making YouTube more accessible.


Get Creative Weekend (Make a Play)

A fantastic opportunity for imaginations to run wild!


Get Creative Day (Visual Arts and Drama), Leicester

Explore your creative side and learn from world class artists

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