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What do you and your friends know about deafness?

Make new friends, play some great games and create your own avatar.Check out what’s going on for you across the country. Meet deaf young people who’ve done some amazing things.    

Cool Topics

Glide: A brilliant new video messaging app

A group of deaf teens told us what they think of the app.

Cool Topics

Watch our video about bullying

16 year old Ammaar gives his tips on how you can stop bullying.

Cool Topics

3D Ear Printing

New 3D printing technology could help children born without ears.

Cool Topics

Making a difference for deaf young people

Find out how Amy, Renée and Kathryn got on when they went to meet with MPs!


Zinc Youth Theatre (8-12yrs)

Take to the stage with Zinc Youth Theatre!


Zinc Youth Theatre (13-18yrs)

Take to the stage with Zinc Theatre!

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